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Sunday my partner Liz and I finished the weekend up by going to an event called the "Festival of Light" just north of Cincinnati, in one of the regional convention centers. It is a giant collection of vendors specializing in an eclectic blend of the boho chic attire and accessories  I so love. My best angle! :) Hand beading by "Liz T Designs" Do to size limitations (on their part)...I have plenty of size, much of the clothing wouldn't fit me. I did do real well in the accessory department though. I ended up buying six new pair of earrings, a new necklace and a new purse I really love. Plus, Liz bought me a lovely long skirt which I will probably end up wearing to the Trans Ohio Symposium. I called the whole collection, old hippie girl. The real fun though came from the fact no one paid me a second glance. In fact, the only time I did get any at all was when I used the women's room and when I was recognized by a cis woman Liz used to work with a coupl