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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"TransAssic" Park?

Becoming Us Series PremiereThe more I watch and read about transgender reactions, the first thing I am beginning to look for is how old the person is. My first example comes from a reaction to the latest television series about a transgender family (actually two) which made its debut last night on the "The ABC Family Channel."  (left)

"Becoming Us"  is an unscripted story of young Ben, an Illinois teenager whose dad, Charlie, is transgender and becoming a woman before our very eyes! This reality show will run week after week to help educate our children about the normalcy of transgenderism. Add to the mix, Ben's dad divorces his mother plus his girlfriend's dad is also becoming a "woman!"

I saw the first show and thought it hit it's mark. Then, for some reason, I ended up scanning a post on the CP Opinion site by Larry Tomzack. The site is a self proclaimed "Christian" site. Predictably, good old Larry with 40 years in the "ministry" came very close to calling transgender women "perverts" (of course quoting the Bible all the way.)

Larry is a dinosaur and belongs in my Transasstic Park he has no idea of the current thoughts and needs of trans youth or the off spring of transgender parents. 

Then Connie passed along this from the venerable New York Times: "This weekend, the New York Times’ Sunday Review section featured an essay on Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover, trans identities, feminism and what “makes” a woman. Throughout most of the piece, writer Elinor Burkett refers to a “we” of cis feminists and a “they” of “trans activists.” These groups are not just distinct, according to Burkett — they are at odds.
Burkett begins with what she felt were disparate responses from feminists when Larry Summers — now professor and president emeritus of Harvard University and a veteran of the Clinton and Obama administrations — and Jenner — a former Olympian speaking to Diane Sawyer on behalf of herself — suggested in different ways that gender may be hardwired."
I immediately thought -if you can't beat em with brilliance-baffle em with bull shit and more exhibits for my park. (Burkett is 68.)
Recently I saw an interview with Jane Fonda as she reminisced about the days when she thought there was no way her or anyone else would/should make it past 30. The way the future of the T's of the LGBT community is shaping up- 30 is a good number - to step back and look at the younger generation behind you.
In the meantime, I will tell you where and when my museum will open and yes, I am saving room for my very own exhibit!

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