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It's All in a Name

Connie brought up an interesting point about responding, or not, to one's old "dead name." "Your slight digression made me want to know more. At that time, you had two names. Today, you have a different one. How, then, do you respond, should someone call you by any one of them? I imagine that you would react differently, depending on which one was used. My dead name has become almost incognizant to me after adopting my new name many years ago. If I hear someone in a crowded place say, "Connie," I will likely turn my head in recognition these days, but I no longer do that when my dead name is heard. Well, not until just a couple weeks ago, anyway. I was grocery shopping, and I heard a woman say, in a stern voice, "(Dead name), stop doing that!" I turned around to see a small boy holding a can of something from the bottom shelf, and Mom was standing right over him with a waving finger. It doesn't take a psychologist to tell me why I reacted

Trans Labels

A friend passed this look along to me. It's a breakdown of labels in our community from transsexual to cross dresser to transvestite. For the sake of reference, I will pass along this is a long time friend who used to participate in the cross dresser arena and now observes. Take a look. Opinions, like ass holes, are  everywhere .  Here's another one: Who/What are you?  I don't believe the community is as tight knit as one would think.  Seems to me that the only thing they have in common is a need to be respected. --TS' seem to think they are sitting on top of the mountain, absolved of all previous "sins".  They could care less what others think   --TG's sometimes want to be TS and sometimes think that would be going too far.  They worry about how they present and really don't care to be outed as a guy. --CD's love to transform but can break down into drab without too much of an emotional issue.  There could be a sexual