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Ohio Proud

Here in the USA Heartland commonly called the Mid West we are commonly thought of as one big "gob" of territory and peeps who "happen " to exist between the elitist "right and left" coasts of the country.  When I lived around NYC years ago, many I worked with could only equate where I lived to how close it was to Texas...really? We are used to it of course and yes live real lives with computers, electricity and indoor plumbing out here on the frontier. To break it down for you in Ohio (where every presidential candidate seems to camp out anymore) we have the three "C's", Cincinnati , Columbus and Cleveland. As major metro areas.  Over the past decade Columbus became the most diverse in the GLBTQ arena, spurred on in no small part by The Ohio State University with it's 45,000+ students. But now, the other "two C's" are beginning to catch up. In August, Cleveland hosted the " Gay Games " and now, the "thir