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Parts is Parts?

" Would a transgender woman who agreed with Lisa be an Artificial TERF, then?   The reasoning used by TERFs is the same as that used by those who are opposed to trans people using the bathroom of their self-identified gender. I do believe, by the way, that trans men have been allowed to participate at the MWMF all along, simply because they have the "correct" body parts and have had to experience -at least in their youth- the oppression of men over women (or womyn, which is a different sex, I guess). Male privilege is derived from the penis, I suppose. Lisa. So, one man's privilege is another woman's woe?" This comment is not mine but another Connie sent in.  Actually, I believe there are "Trans Exclusionary Trans Women" too who actually believe they should have their "woman" card punched primarily because they went out and bought a vagina. (Artificial Terf?) The only difference seems to me is when you happened to acquire your vag

A Pleasant Surprise!

As my partner Liz and I were looking for possible earth based spiritual places and events to possibly sample later this fall,  this one came to our attention, not too far away from us in Indiana. The Women's Goddess Retreat was created for all women who want to pause and honor the Goddess in their lives and in themselves.  While I know the word goddess is open to many different translations and feelings, I look at my inner goddess as my core being who I have seen the world from my entire life- no matter how poorly she "synced up" with my exterior being.  As I read the first several paragraphs though, I began to worry if I would be welcome at all and would run into any resistance from the rest of the group.  I was wary of the weekend being similar to the "terfs" run "get together" such as "Michfest." Before I could voice my concerns to Liz though, I read this:  This retreat is open to anyone who lives their daily life as a woman. This ye

Trans Terf's in the Girl's Sandbox.

I read with interest today a blog post from whom I consider a "Trans-Terf" (Terf is a trans exclusionary radical feminist.) The person writing the post was transgender and right off the bat she excluded me (I hadn't transitioned long enough)? As I read on, then I understood why I was not worthy.  She said and I paraphrase- almost no one had the gender experiences she lived through (Really? Me thinks what she didn't lose in her transition was her male ego.) Well OK! Now I understood!  First the woymn born woymn crowd excluded me because I wasn't born with the proper equipment between my legs.  First,  I lived my life for years as one of those evil male privileged humans who beat and slandered every genetic woman I could find. And now, here I was, trying to sneak into the hen house through the back door. Shame on me! Then, there was this person excluding me in almost the same way as the woymn born woymn crowd she purported to be against..Dammit! It seems I did

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Morning Edition"

Hello, all! Hope the "Joe" is brewing and you have a bit of time to sit down and enjoy our "Sunday Edition." Page 1.-  "Terf Balls"   The never ending battle between the radical feminists or woymn and the radical transgender seemed to come full circle and out again this week.  Perhaps, it all coincided with the time of the year "Michfest" happens in Michigan. It's the festival famously known for it's exclusion of trans women by woymn born woymn.  If you read the never ending war of words between both sides, the discussion ranges from the ridiculous to the pathetic - sadly.  In my simplistic ways of thought, the woymn can stay in their little corner of the girls sandbox and use some sort of "original equipment" genitalia requirement to be there.  Flip the coin, it's the same idea as the males who think they are men because of how many kids they have with how many different women.  The females Terf's have just come up wi