A Pleasant Surprise!

As my partner Liz and I were looking for possible earth based spiritual places and events to possibly sample later this fall,  this one came to our attention, not too far away from us in Indiana.

The Women's Goddess Retreat was created for all women who want to pause and honor the Goddess in their lives and in themselves. 

While I know the word goddess is open to many different translations and feelings, I look at my inner goddess as my core being who I have seen the world from my entire life- no matter how poorly she "synced up" with my exterior being.  As I read the first several paragraphs though, I began to worry if I would be welcome at all and would run into any resistance from the rest of the group.  I was wary of the weekend being similar to the "terfs" run "get together" such as "Michfest." Before I could voice my concerns to Liz though, I read this: 

This retreat is open to anyone who lives their daily life as a woman. This year's theme is The Norse Goddesses
Learn more at our website: http://www.asteriabooks.com/retreat

Seems as if the group may have welcomed a transgender woman or two into their circle in the past!