Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Glamour, Goddesses and More!

Recently, Sally Bend commented on the Cyrsti's Condo "Glamour Magazine" article: Can't say as I normally read Glamour, but I'll be out looking for the September issue today. Fantastic! 

Sally, I can't say I am a regular reader of Glamour either, but my partner is.  Obviously, neither of us are going to achieve the beauty standards of most of the women in the magazine but I have learned we are not supposed to.  When I did hit that part of my girl learning curve, I began to have a little fun and work with what I did have.  I just happen to have a ton of my own hair, so I can look for colors and styles which may be fun for me and perhaps make me look a little better.  Then again if I was still wearing wigs, I could get ideas also.

To put it in a male perspective, Glamour is the feminine version of one of the car parts magazines I used to look at back in the day when I was a "motor head."  Most of everything I saw, I couldn't ever hope to have but it was fun to dream!  Plus, another example of how I use Glamour is spending time looking for fall fashion ideas I can wear. Most I can't wear, but then again, some I can!

 ( **Hint-For those of you who are still in the closet, just hide your Glamour issue in a stack of old Playboys!)

2009 Rachel Kilgore
In another post, I wrote about a group of spiritual women who embrace their inner Goddess and how impressed I was when they included anyone who lived their day to day life as a woman.  I wanted to pass along to all of you a picture of Rachel Kilgore . (left)  Her inner Goddess is shining through!

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