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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Diet? What Diet?

Tuesday I was invited back to one of my girlfriend's house to what's becoming a weekly "coffee" gossip get together.  Just an informal afternoon of chat. Girl talk if you will.
We were joined yesterday by another girlfriend, a very bored husband and tons of freshly baked Christmas cookies.
So much for my diet! I decided I better start walking a little extra with my dog immediately to stay slim enough for my New Years Eve outfit.
I also learned what it was like to spend nearly four hours with other genetic women, have the time fly by and wonder how I could participate as completely as I did.  Much the same as I wondered all those years what really went on in those female sessions.
As you can guess, quite a bit of the conversation went into family, friends, houses and making ends meet. Yes, there was a touch of real live gossip but really no more than many of my male socializing. Gossip from the female gender just comes from a different angle. Men have a tendency to be more performance driven. Sports and work successes are examples. "Joe Blow sucks at whatever." Women? "Did you hear what Jane Blow did and what about her kids or husband"?
No real earth shattering philosophy I know. The real meaning to me was how pleasurable the afternoon was and how quickly it went!
Thanks Mindy.

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