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Queen Chelsea?

What the hell, I swore to myself (or strongly suggested) I was going to leave this whole Bradley/Chelsea Manning thing alone. I have enough other faux aggravation going on right now. I was just a hot mess this morning. Hormones going nuts and crying to sappy songs on the radio. BUT! I just couldn't resist passing this story along in Cyrsti's Condo : "Once she gets past the rape thing, she will be a queen." It comes through TransAction and the DailyKos and was written by Mansfield Frazier who says he is a former federal prison convict. I have to admit after seeing pictures of Manning in or out of his blond wig, I figured he was going to be someone's woman (or female dog)   in prison anyhow. Go here to read "Frazier's" opinion on Manning's situation and what may happen when Chelsea is queened. In the meantime, it's starting to rain and I think I may shed a tear.

To "She" or not to "She" Chelsea

Manning I'm sure I'm not alone in my conflicted feelings about convicted "Wickileaks" soldier "Bradley/Chelsea Manning". Then again, I really don't have much of a conflict not supporting Manning's claim to prison supported HRT or whatever. Just because he claims to be gender dysphoric, does not mean I have to be on his side. I feel doubly insulted by him- as a trans vet and trans woman. Why? My major problem  as a transgender Vietnam Era vet, I was one of a great many draftees who really did not agree with the "non-war" we were in. Most of us were able to serve out our time the best we could and made it home safely without resorting to Manning's actions. Kristin Beck My point is, who the hell is Manning to even slightly suggest his gender issues may have anything to do with his issues? Really? It's always nice not to be alone. Here's what Kristin Beck (transgender retired Seal) had to say she has nothing but conte

Trans Leak

A photograph of Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning wearing makeup and a blonde wig was released yesterday by the army as part of documentation related to Manning's trial. It's the first such photo of Manning, who is transgender. The photograph was attached to emails Manning had sent to a therapist, Capt. Michael Worsley, and an NCOIC, Sgt. Paul Adkins, about gender identity, in which the army private expressed a belief that a career in the military might "get rid of it." Manning's lawyers introduced the email to Adkins and accompanying photograph as part of the trial. Not the best of a public relations coup for the transgender nation. I guess you have to be careful what you "leak" because old pictures may come back to haunt you!