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To "She" or not to "She" Chelsea

Manning I'm sure I'm not alone in my conflicted feelings about convicted "Wickileaks" soldier "Bradley/Chelsea Manning". Then again, I really don't have much of a conflict not supporting Manning's claim to prison supported HRT or whatever. Just because he claims to be gender dysphoric, does not mean I have to be on his side. I feel doubly insulted by him- as a trans vet and trans woman. Why? My major problem  as a transgender Vietnam Era vet, I was one of a great many draftees who really did not agree with the "non-war" we were in. Most of us were able to serve out our time the best we could and made it home safely without resorting to Manning's actions. Kristin Beck My point is, who the hell is Manning to even slightly suggest his gender issues may have anything to do with his issues? Really? It's always nice not to be alone. Here's what Kristin Beck (transgender retired Seal) had to say she has nothing but conte