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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Stop and Smell...What???

Last night a friend and I went to another "Love Must Win Inc" get together across the river in Covington, Kentucky. The group consists of anyone seeking safe haven even for an evening , from LGBTQ peeps to kids being bullied to "cutters". 

Then last night the group presented Mitzi who in her small way is trying to make a huge difference in the world. Nearly single handily every week, her and her family pass out "gift" (survival) bags to as many homeless as they can here in Cincinnati. This is their motto.

It just so happens the location provided to the group is up on one of the most beautiful views of the Cincinnati skyline. As my friend last night and I were leaving (Liz had to work) we paused to say Wow!; and to think the presenter we just heard was speaking on passing out water, socks and warm clothing to people living under bridges.

I guess it follows if "super churches" are supporting gay/trans conversion therapy along with doing Easter Egg drops out of helicopters-there is no reason to use that money to really need it!

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