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Transphobic Brazil?

Ironically, just after I ran a feature on Brazilian transsexual model and star Roberta Close here in Cyrsti's Condo , up pops this story from the Toronto Star in Canada about a transgender woman fearing deportation to her native Brazil. "Silvani Marques, 37, an engineer, has been taking hormone treatments and dresses as a woman. He shows a photo shoot of himself wearing different women’s dresses as part of an online gallery. Marques claims Brazilians “do not tolerate transgender or homosexuals” and he faces a life of intimidation and discrimination on his return to Sao Paulo. “I am really worried about my personal safety and the discrimination I face,” Marques said on Thursday. “Transgender people are not widely accepted in Brazil.” He has been packing his goods and selling belongings since he’s only allowed to return with one suitcase. Marques claims a homosexual person is killed in Brazil every 26-hours"