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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Listen up! Another Cyrsti's Condo Sunday Edition is hitting your virtual front porch. Here in Southwestern Ohio we are entering our usual "schitzoid" March weather period. Today is sunny and in the 60's but with winds near 50 miles an hour and two inches of snow by Thursday, Maybe I can get a shot of "El nino" in my cup o joe? Let's get started!

Page One: The Week that Was or Wasn't: Perhaps a sign of old age is not remembering last week??? Actually, receiving my new Social Security Card last week from Uncle Sam was huge as was reading Connie's experience at SS and we will pick it up here: 
  1. "The lady at the SS office was not so helpful either, as she was not up to date on the gender change procedure, even asking whether I had the "operation". The only thing she told me that seemed to make sense is that one should be consistent from one agency to the other. In other words, if you're wanting to change both name and gender for one thing (like your driver license), it's important to do both for everything else. I really don't care what gender Social Security thinks I am, and that extends to Medicare and the IRS. I want my doctors to know that I have a prostate gland that needs attention at my age, so an "M" is OK with me. Changing my gender on my passport, however, will be important, and the "M" connected with other federal agencies could cause problems should I even have changed to "F" on my passport. I don't want to find I can't leave (or worse, re-enter) the country because TSA has found the discrepancy or inconsistency. Even if I can't afford to take a trip out of the country right now, I need to make all the changes, starting with SS I think. When I do win that trip to Fiji on Wheel of Fortune, then, I will be ready to go! OK, that possibility seems remote, but changing my gender seemed impossible not that long ago, as well."
  2. Thanks Connie! I really haven't given't a passport much thought although the way it's going, I may have to have one to travel to neighboring states around here!
  3. Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion: In February the Ohio Psychological Association confirmed LGBTQ people are just like anyone else! Here it is:
    First, OPA affirmed that modern science recognizes LGBTQ people as existing on a normal spectrum of human identity. That is, LGBTQ people are just like anybody else.  On February 13th, 2016, the Ohio Psychological Association (OPA) released a statement written by the Board of Directors and the OPA LGBT Committee. The statement strongly condemns the use of conversion “therapy” on minors. Follow the link for more. 
  4. And!:Equality Ohio now has a link to follow key pro/con LGBTQ bills in the Ohio Legislature like this one::OH HB389 Sexual orientation/gender identity-prohibit discrimination/religious rights, A great way to see who holding the rights of the LGBTQ community back. 
  5. Page Three: Entertainment: Transgender concert pianist Sarah Davis Buechner is going to be be performing March 6th at Xavier University here in Cincinnati. I mention she is trans at all because she risked her career to restart a as woman - and guess what, she still is as good as she was and undoubtedly happier for the process. 
Page Four: The Back Page: I truly didn't set out to have all this Ohio news in this edition, it just happened that way. (Story of my life!) I will say if your state does have an "Equality" site, you may want to check it out and discover the same info I did. It could get you a head start on where you can use the bathroom before you know it!
As crass as this may sound, I have to go so the dogs can go for their walk! Love you all! Thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo and to Liz for pointing out all the Equality Ohio action!

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