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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Chick fill A

I received this comment from Gracie concerning one of my fave topics...Chick fill A:

"I agree wholeheartedly (wholehartedly?) about the positive impact of exposure of various non-LBGTQ influenced groups to positive LBGTQ people (such as yourself). I know that you have a strong distaste for Chic-fil-A, and I certainly understand why. I am a crossdresser, and often, while dressed (in your home town), I will eat my lunch at Chic-fil-A. (Bear with me here.) Primarily, because they often, for no apparent reason, send a free sandwich coupon to their app. So for the cost of a small drink, I get lunch (I am frugal). I have only been met with acceptance and kindness by the employees, and anyone paying attention can see that I have been cursed with a Y chromosome. I had one server keep stealing glances at me (probably trying to figure me out). I just smiled back, and she offered to refill my drink, and gave me the perfunctory "My pleasure ma'am". Another time the young man taking my order kept saying referring to me as "sir". I think he was confused and didn't know what to do. I smiled and continued my order as if all was well. At as he handed me my receipt, he said' "Have a nice day ma'am", with a sincere smile on his face (I detected no hint of irony in his voice). My hope is that I gave these two people, and others working there, something to think about to balance their contrary preconceived notions of the TG population. In my opinion, this is a better way to gain acceptance than trying to force it."

The problem I have is when I discuss issues such as Chick, is I have a tendency to become a little too emotional. I have a deep passion (of course) in trying to hurt anti LGBTQ companies finances. After all, it is one of the few recourses we have and yes I do believe in meeting force with force. 

I do have to make the distinction though over be accepted by a Chick employee over fattening the checkbooks of their stockholders. I seriously doubt the greatest majority of their employees have an anti LGBTQ stance. 

So when you go there the employee may have noticed there was something wrong with the picture. But in the long term, you just helped to make the company's financial picture  a little brighter. Unless you have a free coupon!

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