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OutServe Magazine

Of course I'm biased towards any info concerning transgender vets in this country and anywhere. Outserve Magazine  recently added Brynn Tannehill as a contributor.   Brynn Tannehill is a 1997 U.S. Naval Academy graduate, former Lieutenant Commander helicopter pilot, and a fully transitioned transgender woman. She has a wife and two loving children. She just posted a very enlightened look into her visit to this summer's Columbus, Ohio's Pride visit. (In my part of the world). Here's an excerpt in which she very adeptly covers many segments of the transgender community and the "Holy Grail" of presenting as a female (in this instance). " I didn’t come to pride events until I finished transitioning and felt I had some ability to blend. Even at a pride event, I didn’t want the trans label by not passing. After two years of hormones, three years of electrolysis, and $35,000 worth of surgery I thought I could avoid most stereotypes and blend in. Only