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Trans Bi

Before you think I'm referring to Bi Sexual, I'm not. I'm referring to Bi Polar.  Thank goodness, the bi-polar medical condition has come out of the closet too over recent years. It's a real deal that can be treated in most cases (like mine).  Don't quote me but I think there are many levels of being "Bi". I compare it to what we experience in the transgender community.  Some of us desire to explore the other gender by cross dressing, others desire major transsexual SRS. If your memory is better than mine, you will remember I mentioned here in Cyrsti's Condo I was diagnosed in the 1980's as being Bi Polar.  The reason I'm bringing that up is, as I read some personal stories from different groups I'm in, I often wonder if an individual here or there may be "Bi" too. Here's how my diagnosis happened. As a result of several episodes of cheating on my wife with myself  (See the " I'm no Angel " post) I agreed t