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Pink Boys

I am fascinated by the amount of material coming to light concerning non gender conforming kids. I am envious of the fact these "possibly" transgendered kids are provided a path not even imagined in my generation. On the other hand, I am so happy for them! I followed a succession of links to get to this quote: "Playing chauffeur to both kids, I end up picking up Oscar and uncle on a street-corner outside the mall. As I wait at the curb I find myself studying a tall girl with shoulder length hair in a cinched dark navy coat. Then I experience the shock that so many feel on seeing my willowy, twelve year old boy. The girl is my boy." This came from " Accepting Dad ". This blog is actually a link from the " Sarah Hoffman " blog "On parenting a boy who is different." A really positive look on a brighter future for transgendered individuals in the future!