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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Attack of the Tweezer Monster!

Saturday was my makeup makeover with the MaryKay makeup Guru Alisha.
First of all before I set off on my usual cynical ramble-she is good.

Today was my chance to put my face where my makeup history used to be.  To prove my point to myself and Alisha and Niki (a newer Mary Kay person) I went out the door for the first time in my life as a girl-with no makeup.  Jeans, top and sun glasses kids- that is it.

As I drove the 30 min trek to the studio, I did have a chance to reflect back to points of my life which got me here. I'm a gender contradiction in terms for more than just the obvious.  Over 50 years of tossing on a dress and heels did very little to prepare me for the last five.  Once again today I had very few ideas of what I was going to expect.  I know what you are thinking Cyrsti, how bad could it be playing with makeup experts for a couple hours?

It was wonderful EXCEPT for Alisha's penchant for the perfect eyebrow...out came the tweezers and OUCH! Sympathy? Hell no girl if you want to play with the real women hitch up your big girl panties! The scary part is she said my brows had a nice shape to them to start and I relaxed.  That's like the dentist saying you only have one cavity...but....two hours later she is still drilling away. The same happened with the tweezers.

OK, I know a little about this big girl panty stuff and I know you have to pay the price for beauty but girls when the "tweezer monster" attacks it's similar to a whole flock of itty bitty crows attacking your brows.

Awwwright- enough of the petty whining and on to the fun stuff such as someone who knows what she's doing tell me what sort of foundation I should really wear and what the hell was up with the black, goth, trampy, slut eye make up I had on in the pictures?  What the hell? Did she have to take the research on me so seriously? Did she make phone calls to several current and past makeup critics of mine whose kindest words were "heavy handed makeup or drag queen inspired" Hey, it's true but did I have to hear it- again. 

Just playing with you kids, that was exactly why I was there...naked faced for the guru to see. I'm very honest and blunt so I checked the ego when I hitched up the big girl panties and took this on. It helped knowing we transgender girls and crossdressers  have to work harder than  genetic women to put our best foot forward. This was a way to do it.

Finally, I have a giant wedgie from hitching my panties up to the girls and posting a picture from this afternoon. I desperately hate my pictures and my hair was totally trashed in this picture but I really think she exceeded my expectations. I loved the look of the foundation and how Alisha brought out blue eyes I didn't know I had after 63 years. She even worked on my Mom's non existent upper lip I inherited. AND look at those BEAUTIFUL eyebrows...dammit!

Happy is a big- mostly unobtainable word for me. Happy was never bred into me. But I'm forcing myself to be satisfied and I am more than satisfied with this forcing.

As the immediate future with increased HRT dosages begins to exact more changes, basic skin care will be more and more important to maintain my 30 something looks! Kidding again but seriously if you are in the Dayton, Ohio area and want to get hooked up with Alisha or Niki, just contact me through the blog.

Just one more finally.  The women did an excellent job of using the correct pronoun with me. It meant a lot!

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