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Investment Property?

From QNews a chance for you to invest in a very interesting property: Carmen "The name Carmen is synonymous with the transgender world in both Australia and New Zealand. And now is your chance to buy into a colourful slice of history, the Dominion Post reports. The former brothel of Carmen Rupe, renowned drag performer, anti-discrimination and HIV/AIDS activist, is on the market. In her 1988 autobiography, Having A Ball: My Life, Carmen described the century-old home in Hataitai, Wellington as the “ideal place for the discreet entertainment of clients”.  If only the walls could talk – rumours were rife at the time that MPs and prominent businessmen frequented the brothel. Several rooms were themed “to cater for clients' fantasies”, including an Egyptian room, an African jungle room, a bondage room and an Asian room fitted out with lanterns and bamboo curtains. Its days as a brothel came to an end in the early 1970s when a so-called “evil landlord” made Carmen and