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And So It Was Christmas!

Well, jolly old St. Nick has come and gone again.  I hope your Christmas was as good as mine. I must be doing something right! I'm fortunate, the family I left is very close to me.  Some know I'm transgender and others suspect I simply have an extreme affection for women's clothes. This year I was able to put all that drama in my noggin aside and simply go as what is left of my guy self.  I was selfish to a degree but I've learned the hard way how life can change from year to year and next year I know mine will for reasons I will get into later. For the moment though, I hope your Christmas experience was a positive one because I know for so many of us in the transgender community it just isn't. We aren't as lucky as our so called "brothers and sisters", in  the G and L communities. They simply have more developed resources to deal with holiday stress and we are tragically left in the corner alone. Even several gay venues opened for Christmas dinner