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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Generation Transgendered

Slowly but surely,  parenting "self help" books are emerging. These help books (thank goodness) are centering around raising a transgendered child. "I Am J" by Chris Beam is written by a woman who has years of experience working with transgendered youths and raised a transgendered son.
It's no secret the tremendous guilt experienced by both sides. Parents are tormented by "what did I do wrong?" The kids are just tormented trying to be who their brain tells them to be.
Here is a short excerpt from Beam:
To ease the hurt, Beam suggests recalling your own relationship with
your own parents, and what it was like to become your own person, to
make your own decisions, to become "you." Transgender isn't a child's
"choice." But it's part of them, not their parents. It's yet another
piece of the separation between a parent's identity and their child's.
Stats on how many male to female kids are vague but numbers on female to male youth are even less specific.
Until recently, the number of female to male transgendered individuals was thought to be considerably less. The simplistic idea was that women could dress and act more "mannish" than men. The repression was considerably less or visible. A boy or man would have to go farther to do the opposite resulting in increased activity and visibility.
Just my opinion, but the transgendered boys could be "tom boys", grow up and blend into the lesbian culture...and essentially disappear. The hurt and turmoil they really experienced wasn't as easily exposed.
With books such as Beam's maybe some of that will change!

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