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Bored in Church?

"Back in the day" my Mom literally had to catch my brother and I, force us to wear sport coats and ties for the trip to church most every Sunday. Once we did get there and began the count down to when we could leave, the bigger problem became keeping my Dad awake.  Here is a solution obviously he never thought of: I ever remember as a kid sitting in church watching the women walk to the altar to communion I would calculate the number of women wearing seamed stockings compared to those who wore the newer non-seamed stockings. Of course all women wore dresses and covered their heads. Many wore gloves as well. My recollection is that by the early to mid 1960s most hose were seamless. Pat. I agree Pat, with your time sequence on the hose.  While it's true genetic women do value the impact of certain "sexy" looks, they also value "ease of maintenance" and of course comfort.  Girdles for the most part have gone the way of the "body shapers" an