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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Do You Think?

Should taxpayers foot the bill for transsexual prisoners?
This story concerning transgender inmates in New York is the latest from
"There are about 1,700 inmates at Auburn Correctional Facility, of whom 1,698 or so are indisputably men.
Then there are Jessica Marie Brooks and Leslieann Marie Manning.
They are part of the small population of transgender inmates in New York prisons. Both say they're receiving hormone therapy, and the physical changes are subtle but apparent.
Their hair is fine, their skin is soft and their walk and talk are plainly feminine.
Brooks, Manning and others like them occupy an intersection of intense social stigma - convicted felons receiving taxpayer-funded health care for a scorned condition."
The bottom line seems to be the growing belief that the transgendered or transsexual condition is a medical condition not unlike the others that convicts are being treated for.

Personally, I can connect the treatment dots with the care I get from the Veterans Administration. Taxpayers are paying for it too-even if for radically different reasons.
I can argue convicts are coddled too much already but I can also argue if one prisoner is treated for a medical condition, another should be also.
Follow the link above for more discussion and here is one of the prisoners in question:

Leslieann Manning was born Ronald Manning.

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