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Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Mo Dot's

Aww right, I was cleaning Cyrsti's Condo and found a few more of those damn dots I was looking for.

In the "of all places" department:

Not that I'm behind the times but I had never seen this from the "Huffington Post"   Beau Bridges' upcoming guest spot on 'The Closer,' airing Mon., Dec. 14, 9PM on TNT, will fascinate fans of the longtime actor. He plays Det. George Andrews, former partner of G.W. Bailey's crusty and hard-edged Lt. Provenza. About a decade has gone by since they last saw each other and much has changed -- including Det. Andrews' sex change. 

Oh, by the way, it's from 2009?

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how the episode right away jumped into Bridges transgender sexuality (like my last Doctor visit) and the difference was explained.

I'm not going to ruin the show for you either, except to say it had a happy ending.

Next: First of all,  this is all of ours dirty little secret- I watch Dr. Phil and then blame it on my dog!  At any rate, the "Philster"  was doing some sort of show about keeping relationships together. Truthfully, I wasn't watching closely, but it seemed this one couple's major malfunction was he was still living in his past - style wise.  It bugged her. 

What really got my attention was when the woman said "Well, I put all this time and effort into looking nice. Nails, hair, clothes etc and then look at him?"  I'm thinking at that point "Well DUH! lady!" Then she paused and said "The way I look is not all about him, it's the way I live my life." 

I have been literally waiting for years to hear such a profound statement.  All of the sudden the ancient arguments about women dressing for men or women dressing for women were out the door. It's the way we choose to live our lives from genetics to cross dressers to trans gender women.  

We probably learned more from our Momma's than anyone knew!

I'm seeing dots!