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Monday, February 4, 2019

Do Glasses Make the Girl?

Yesterday morning before we were getting ready to go to our meet-up, Liz was suffering from her Vertigo (dizziness) and wanted to check her blood pressure. I have a small portable blood pressure machine but just had to find it and dig it out for her to use. As I was finding it, I happened along my first ever pair of girl glasses which I have been looking for, forever.

I had an inking of an idea I could see just as well out of them as my current glasses and I could. Plus I was wondering if I would look better, more natural and comfortable too.

Here lately, I have not been wearing my glasses much at all when we go out. I don't completely need them and my vanity was telling me I looked better without them. I am coming up on another VA eye appointment and will be interested to see how much (if any) my eyes have changed.

The difference between the two pair of glasses as far as design goes is very dramatic. The newer set of glasses are the wire rimmed type while the older pair are a more substantial rimmed type. I think my "inkling" was correct, The older glasses fit my new hairstyle well and definitely cut back on the eye strain. For example, when I write a blog post now, I can keep these new/old glasses on. By the way, both pair are unlined bifocals and I have a harder time seeing out of certain angles with the newer glasses. 

I'm not sure yet, but I think with the proper eye makeup, the different glasses draw more attention to my eyes.

The next time we get dressed up to go someplace, I will try to get you a  new picture. In the meantime, you can see an old picture of me in the glasses here.