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Earning Her Rights?

Bernhard Recently I read this quote I totally agree with.  The quote came from the "Bravo" show "Watch What Happens Next." : As it   turns out comic Sandra Bernhard was no fan of Bruce Jenner.  And has not changed her mind now that the 65-year-old Olympic legend has transitioned to the the female  Caitlyn Jenner. Bernhard appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Thursday (24 September) and was asked by host Andy Cohen to weigh in on various topics including Jenner’s transition. Bernhard shook her head and said: ‘Honey, Bruce Jenner was a sexist, golf playing bore. ‘Suddenly he becomes a woman and everybody’s like “Oh he’s so like moving and so emotional.” It’s like “No, sorry, no.”‘ Wagging her finger, Bernhard added: ‘You have to earn your right to be a woman.’ I agree because- a woman is socialized not born. And  it's the very reason any Jill or Jane off the street with their home grown vagina's should be able to judge a trans