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New Transgender Screen Love Interest

From the Advocate : "Jason Segel recently confessed to  Rolling Stone  that Simone, his character Peter’s love interest in the new deliciously surrealist AMC series  Dispatches From Elsewhere , was not originally written as a transgender character. This is, until he met captivating Hollywood newcomer, Eve Lindley. Jason Segel and Eve Lindley “The only other time this has happened was when Russell Brand came in to read for [ Forgetting Sarah ]  Marshall . I’d originally written his part to be a straight-laced British author, like a Hugh Grant type. Then Russell came in, and gave me something entirely better,” Segel told  RS . “I felt the same way about Eve when she auditioned — Simone was not written as a trans character. She made Simone so much richer, more complicated, gave her so much more depth. It changed the whole project. The love story that emerges between Peter and Simone is…it’s one of the things I’m most proud of with the show. And that’s all due to her. But I d