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Friday, May 1, 2015

Hey! You Have Boobies

Ok, a couple days ago, the weather around here in Southwestern Ohio blessed us with a fairly warm spring day. Warm enough that I was able to (for the first time) to "show off" my new self. I have lost nearly 35 pounds and discovered parts of my body like a waistline and yes even my "girls." 

It's been a lifetime of waiting for short sleeves, my own hair,  t shirt tops and the feel of "Momma Nature" on my body. Also, I dearly hate wearing bra's and so far Liz hasn't been on my back (or chest) about it. Essentially, I have developed a well formed (almost "C" cup)-so why not? On top (or under) all of that-we have had more than a couple "active" conversations about what to wear under a sun dress. Could be why I notice more than a few generics seeming to be in better moods around here as the weather warms!

At any rate, I was wearing my "peace sign" T-shirt getting ready to go out and my sister in law walked by and said "Wow! You do have boobies!" I thought to myself-forget the damn diet and let's get to the real compliment!  

I had to come down to earth before I went to meet my trans girl friend who is getting ready to move to Texas.

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