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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Yesterday was one of those days. Like it or not I had a full day of appointments at the VA, usually the litmus test of my external acceptance as a woman. Over the years being transgender I have had my share of stares and comments from other patients (not staff). In fact in the case of some of my health care providers I have MtF transitioned in front of them as they prescribed my HRT.

Of course the success was a product of the two "c's" - clothing and confidence. From the ground up I wore my new boots, black tights and a lite sweater which dropped over my hips. For once I did just the right amount of makeup to look light I wasn't trying and my hair is still holding it's color and fighting back the gray.

Most importantly though, all my health appointments came through well. Without your health after all nothing else matters.

Secondly, I didn't receive many learing second looks and the only comments were "Ma'am" and "She."

The whole day was worth the old days of torment and turmoil I endured and I wondered why. I give credit to the boots giving me the support to improve my posture. Standing up straight has been such a hard habit to break. For such a long time I felt bending over a bit cut my height down. It did but gave me the poor posture most women don't have. Plus, even standing up straight still didn't make me that tall and more importantly made me look thicker. Not a good thing.

Finally, confidence is such a fragile thing. I for one would think as long as I have been out and about now, I would have plenty. Even still, confidence is my constant companion in my purse-good or bad. Yesterday it turns out I had plenty of the good kind.