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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Wizard of Oz

Here's a different experience. I stopped at a store yesterday coming back from my daughter's house to pick up some much needed peanut butter cookies. As I was checking out the clerk (same age as I) said "Has anyone told you you look like Ozzie Osborn?"

Even my normal sarcastic self was at a loss for a comment except..."Really?" Then I started to think on the way home between cookie bites and fighting my dog for the crumbs...hell she was right! I was wearing a slight amount of eye makeup and for some reason lately my skin has been on the pale side so with my hair pulled back and in male clothes I probably did somewhat resemble the "Oz" with my HRT softened skin.

I did tell her that I do attribute parts of my hearing loss from going early Black Sabbath concerts when Ozzie was part of the band... and was she going to be attending "OzzFest" in Columbus this summer?

Could have been worse. She could have said I looked like Aerosmith's Steven Tyler! (below)

Sink or Swim

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