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Plans A, B and R

As I think back on the last four or five days, I would be remiss in not bringing this up from my trans girl road trip. First of all, forget about plan A and B- lets go straight to the "R"...for rest room of course. Going into this venture I thought I had one pretty secure plan"R". The bus of course would have a unisex toilet. As in the best laid plans of transgender folk everywhere-the bus restroom was pretty much declared off limits and the driver would pull into rest stops along the way. Scratch that plan! My added problem is I take "Spiro". For those of you who take or have heard about  Spiro. it's a  drug which is commonly prescribed in HRT as a testosterone blocker. Well it also is a blood pressure drug which also makes you pee- a lot on occasion. So here I was, stuck between the bus and the "R" place- down the road. I felt another factor would be the average age of the women on the bus who were older than even me. My theory has

I Ruined my Thermostat!

I was warned by my genetic female friends. However, I did not see any warning on my Spiro and Estrogen bottles fine print: "Warning! These meds can ruin your thermostat! You could argue that all of my sarcastic years of making fun of women being too cold on a warm summer day or too warm in the middle of winter were just a giant Karma mistake. Unfortunately I have been known to toss a rock or two in a glass house. It's just a defective gene I have among several. My internal thermostat now is on the outs. A ten degree temperature swing can now take me from being in a furnace to jumping into an ice bath. Now I wonder about my cherished idea of moving north for the winter into the balmy Lake Superior region. Not too long ago I told an acquaintance about the idea (another transgender girl on HRT). She said I may want to wait as she has become far less tolerant to the winter chill of the Chicago area. Maybe she's right and I'm looking for the fine print again on those p