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Plans A, B and R

As I think back on the last four or five days, I would be remiss in not bringing this up from my trans girl road trip. First of all, forget about plan A and B- lets go straight to the "R"...for rest room of course. Going into this venture I thought I had one pretty secure plan"R". The bus of course would have a unisex toilet. As in the best laid plans of transgender folk everywhere-the bus restroom was pretty much declared off limits and the driver would pull into rest stops along the way. Scratch that plan! My added problem is I take "Spiro". For those of you who take or have heard about  Spiro. it's a  drug which is commonly prescribed in HRT as a testosterone blocker. Well it also is a blood pressure drug which also makes you pee- a lot on occasion. So here I was, stuck between the bus and the "R" place- down the road. I felt another factor would be the average age of the women on the bus who were older than even me. My theory has