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Semper Fi

From the "Telegraph" comes the story we transgender veterans know so well:   A former US marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan has shared her inspirational story of accepting herself and becoming a woman. Sona Avedian, 33, said she  identified as a girl  ever since she was a child, but hid that side of herself until three years ago. Previously known as Matt, she was married to a woman and has a small daughter. Ms Avedian said she had "hid behind the mask of a US Marine" because she was ashamed of the way she felt. "I could only hide so much," she said. "I was exhausted and I could no longer hide behind these deployments". In all fairness to Sona though, we all should be as fortunate to be able to gain as much passing privilege as we Mtf transition!  For more, go here and "Semper Fi"! She said she prepared to "come out" by exercising and changing her diet, and eventually beginning to take hormones and altering h