Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Two Girls in the Hall

Yesterday was therapy day and a three hour round trip to see the same therapist I have had for the past five plus years.

The session went pretty much as planned. I discussed with her the Witches Ball and my plans to cancel my voice therapy lessons. I think I have taken them about as far as I can for the time being, plus I really can't afford to keep driving the extra distance to do them. If I keep on working on my pitch and smoothing out my voice, I don't seem to have any problems anyhow. So, my next session will be my last and I will take Thank You cards for both of my therapists.

The only matter of note yesterday came when I was walking down the hallway with my therapist after my visit. It is a long hallway and as we walked together, I noticed a man at the reception desk paying us quite a bit of attention. My therapist is a relatively attractive woman, so I just figured he was admiring her but as it turned out, he was admiring both of us.

I was so confused I screwed up my making another appointment routine!

Sunday, October 28, 2018


All to often it seems I am sending out my sympathies to a certain part of the country.

This time of course, it's Pittsburgh and the Jewish community as a whole.

The whole situation brings trepidation to my heart since my daughter converted to Judaism, and is raising her children in the Jewish faith. As we know today, crazies are everywhere. Here, even in middle America Midwest, we recently had a mass shooting as you may recall in downtown Cincinnati.

With all the recent pipe bomb threats, it seems our country can't experience anymore pain but it does. Plus, who knows what it going to happen along the Mexican border?

And I thought 1968 was a scary time! Also, just being transgender doesn't seem too bad, even with resident rump trying to erase us.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Big Increase

Ever since I changed my Facebook profile picture to add the hashtag " #Won'tBeErased", the number of transgender women requesting friend connects has gone up dramatically and still is. I'm not exactly sure what it means.

What I hope is behind it is an attempt at achieving some sort of transgender solidarity.  I have even read Caitlyn Jenner has even came out against resident rump, saying she made a mistake.

In the past, I have been very strict about who I add as Facebook friends, pretty much keeping guys out of it and adding only those in a certain geographic region.

We will see what happens!

Friday, October 26, 2018

A Corona?

Connie obviously has very good eyes (for her age) and caught the fact I was drinking a Corona in the Witches Ball pictures:

"I can buy the menswear inspired costume, but what's with the Mexican beer? I thought you were more of a beer connoisseur than that. Besides, a craft beer seems more appropriate at a witches' ball. :-)"
Even though Cincinnati has a rapidly expanding craft beer scene which I support totally, the venue we were in didn't offer a selection. 
As far as the costume went, I didn't have to buy it either, as Liz already had it!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Monday Night

For some reason, the cross dresser-transgender support group meeting was sparsely attended. Many of the usual suspects were not there to write about.

The majority of the people there were struggling to figure how when, how and where to come out to loved ones. Fortunately, I have those hassles totally in my past. One transgender woman came in her "Alice in Wonderland" costume she made herself.

Unfortunately, the new moderator of the group has a tendency to be a little boring and repeat herself quite a bit, so that could be the reason attendance is down.

So, since I didn't have lot to write about, I decided to add another (and final) photo from the Witches Ball. This one includes my partner Liz and proves I do wear dresses occasionally.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Witches Ball

Pictures from this year's Cincinnati Witches Ball have surfaced. And, as promised I will send them is the first.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

This Says it All

If you don't know, I'm responding to the rump administration's effort to erase transgender women and men everywhere.

I've come too far to go back.

Monday, October 22, 2018


Coming up tonight is another cross dresser - transgender support group meeting...with it's usual implications.

Several of the real negative types quit attending, including the one who was diagnosed with having an underdeveloped uterus and/or ovaries. She has rightfully declared herself as inter-sexed and I guess has developed  a perch to look down upon the rest of us. It's kind of sad, since I enjoyed hearing of her journey. She was just so negative.

Also the conservative rump supporters have quit coming , even though the moderators steer the conversation away from politics,  There are a few of the fetish satin types still around, as well as the steampunk trans woman.

We will also see if the desperately lonely suicidal transgender woman shows up tonight. The other suicide person just got a job (as herself) and seems to be sorting her life out, so all is better with her.

The group also used to have a few other trans vets too, but one moved to Oregon, one I haven't seen and the other is the negative inter-sexed person I wrote about earlier in the post.

So, all in all, it's a very interesting group.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Did Anyone See?

What I mean is the truck I got hit by yesterday. It was a long day. We started decorating for the witches ball about noon and we finished up the day around 3 am. I have decided to "retire" from working it next year, for several reasons not important to get into now.

The event itself was great fun and it brought back memories of past Halloween parties. I seemed to pass the litmus test of looking like a woman in a costume. Ironically, there was another trans woman I know (but see couldn't remember me) who set up a vendors table next to the table I was "manning". She used my excuse of short term memory loss. There was a possibility of another cross dresser - transgender woman there too. My partner Liz and I agreed "she" possibly suffered from testosterone poisoning at some point during life.

Of more importance, my costume actually fit and I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it except for when we came home and had to walk a block with a chilly wind on my legs and making the drive home in an unheated car.

Finally, I think since I felt good concerning my appearance, I felt good about my voice too. My cold has taken a brief respite, so I wasn't horse. I made an effort to throw my voice forward and not talk from the back of my throat.  Plus, I mostly talked in short sentences, so I didn't have a chance to strain it.

There are a couple pictures floating around. If I can get one, I will pass it along!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Day Off?

Well, not really a day off because today is the annual Cincinnati Witches Ball, which (since Liz and I are on a very small committee) will make for a very long day.

We have to be at the venue around noon to help set up, come home and put our costumes on and then go back for the event and the clean up. Which typically lasts till after 3 am.

I am tired already!

Maybe my acquaintance from last year will be here today. He is the one who came up to me and said something to the effect he couldn't tell I wasn't a "real" woman. I just told him I was a real woman...a transgender one.

Friday, October 19, 2018


It is difficult being original at Halloween if you are transgender or a cross dresser. Unless you are very good, trying to out "sexy" the cis- women is difficult, especially if you are going to someplace where "sexy" isn't in to work.

Then there is the problem I have already written about, looking like a man in a woman's costume when you desperately don't want to. In my past, I have had that happen too many times at Halloween parties. A couple times I was mistaken for a "well dressed woman." But again, just trying to be original was nearly an impossible problem for me. So I always relied upon being the sexiest or best dressed woman I could. On occasion I did get the occasional compliment but never won any prizes.

Halloween though, presents as many different ideas there are for costumes and, as always, I can count on Connie to come up with another take:

"I just don't want to be mistaken for a man in a woman's costume."

This is exactly why I never "dressed as a woman" for Halloween. Although doing so makes for a good excuse to go out in public and show one's stuff, so to speak, it always seemed to me to be just that - an excuse. Now that I am secure in who I am, I know I need not make excuses or explanations for myself, and I think I always knew that, deep down. However, those are just my feelings about myself; I know it works well for others.

Although I've not done it yet, I think a good way of avoiding being mistaken for a man in a woman's costume would be to wear a gender-less costume - like a pumpkin or a tube of toothpaste.

Another thing I've been tempted to try is to cross dress as a man. I would still wear a bit of makeup and a shorter wig, though. I have but one hanger of menswear in the back of my closet, which is the suit, shirt and tie that I wore as I cross dressed for my sister-in-law's funeral service four years ago. I remember that wearing those clothes felt so foreign to me, even though I had been only about six months into my transition. Exposing my bald head, along with the suit, was enough to fool those who knew nothing of my transition, but I felt like more of a fraud than I ever did cross dressing as a woman. My sister-in-law had fully accepted my transition before her death, but there were still many family members and friends who knew nothing of it. The funeral was not an event for which I could come out to all, though. Now that the whole world has been exposed to the "authentic me" I think I could pull off being a woman in a man's costume. I'm still hesitant about looking at myself in a mirror with that suit on, though. It could be the scariest costume of all!"

Severl years ago, my partner Liz dressed essentially like her late father with a mustache and all and ended looking so much like him, she never tried it again. The resemblance was uncanny!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Bewitching Hour?

As Halloween draws ever closer, transgender women and cross dressers everywhere are scrambling to put their final touches on what costume they are planning to wear this year and where they are going to wear it.

I know many of you regulars here in Cyrsti's Condo also follow Stana's Femulate blog and have seen a few of her outstanding efforts around Halloween.

This year for the first time in several years, I am faced with the opportunity of having to put together two costumes for two separate events. The first, The Witches Ball I have written about extensively about but the second I haven't. Liz and I are considering going to a bar where the community of crossdressers I know goes too. The Witches Ball is this weekend, the other event is on the 27th.

I am not enamored anymore about wedging ourselves into a jam packed room but it might be fun to see a bunch of cross dressers tottering around on their impossibly high heels, or just see who really has an original costume idea.

Like I said, it remains to be seen if we go at all.

This afternoon, I have to see if I have have taken enough weight off to fit into my witches ball themed costume. This years' theme is "Mobsters and Monsters". As I have written before, the costume is a three piece black pin striped female mobster outfit. So, I hope it fits!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Road Trip

Yesterday was my monthly LGBT Veterans support group meeting and my voice lesson at the Dayton, Ohio veterans hospital.

The trip north was fairly pleasurable under a bright cool fall day.

Since I have been working on my vocal homework after last month's embarrassing appointment, I think I moved my overall score up from a "F" to a "C". At least I earned the chance to move up again and work on phrases, breathing and overall vocal presentation. I still have to work on a daily basis to smooth out my voice, use my breath more to enunciate my words and still speak in a more sing song voice. I have been trying to temper my expectations on myself to keep them realistic. 

An hour later, it was time for my LGBT support group meeting. As I was waiting, an obvious butch lesbian showed up early for her appointment. As it turns out, she has the transgender VA Doc monitor her meds.

As we were talking she noticed my rainbow "VA Serves LGBT Veterans" bracelet. It was cute when she said "I'm the "L", so I replied I am the "T".

The waiting room was very quiet so ironically at one point when the trans doc came out, there were two transgender women and one lesbian in the room. Later, when more members of the group showed up, there were three lesbians and three transgender people. Including a trans guy who had just decided to come out of the closet. He was delightful too, so we enjoyed a nice meeting.

All in all, a successful road trip and it's nice to know I still haven't lost my touch with some of the lesbian community.

Plus, for once, the ride home in rush hour was almost livable.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How Much Effort?

How much effort are you/should you be putting into your feminine presentation?

I suppose it's like everything else you do in life, what you do, is what you are able to do, are motivated to do and how much work you can put into it.

Looking like a woman is very hard for the great majority of  cross dressers and/or transgender women. Let me use the example again of the transgender woman who comes to one of my support groups. Essentially, she throws on a pink dress and flip flops and says to the world, hey! I'm a girl.Sadly, as you can guess, it doesn't work in the world. I'm sure you have seen plenty of cis women who have no clothing or makeup skills either.

Before this post becomes a novel, let me add in what Connie sent in on the topic:

"When I first ventured out of the house with a feminine presence (eleven years ago) it was to a monthly cross dresser meeting (it was the first time I'd gone out and interacted with another human, anyway, as my numerous previous drives "enfemme" don't really count). A quick survey of the room showed me that I was far more ready to be out than were many in that group. Because I have always been something of a perfectionist, I just couldn't understand how someone could expose themselves without, seemingly, trying to make the best presentation possible. As I continued to attend the monthly meetings and participating in other social events with this group, I learned a couple of things: I was not a cross dresser and there are people who may have the same seed of gender identity as mine, but that is our only similarity. From that, I discovered that some of those people were happy just to put on a dress, and I developed an admiration for them and their lack of dysphoria.

The person you refer to does not seem to be happy in her current situation. I would expect, though, that only she will ever know what would make her happy. I have seen people, after getting a professional "glam" makeover, find a whole new hope. I have also seen others who didn't really care for the new look and showed up next time looking just like their "before" pic. This goes for both trans and cis, by the way.

There were many reasons that led me to stop attending meetings and social events with that particular group. As I said, I had learned that I was not a cross dresser, and so I did not need to find acceptance and affirmation the way, it seemed, most of them did. The thing that really made me want to leave, though, was the way they treated one member in particular. This cross dresser did nothing more to make a change in appearance than to wear a fancy ball gown. Although being allowed to attend the closed-door meetings, this person had been banned by the officers from going out in public with the rest of the group. Efforts had been made to "help", but I believe they were made for the benefit of the group - not to her (or him). Even at the meetings, though, she/he was ostracized most of the time, not unlike the school kid who eats lunch alone in the cafeteria. I did sit down with her/him one time, and learned so much about myself in the process. We were both unhappy being in the group, but for entirely different reasons. I learned through the grapevine, later, that we both quit attending meetings after that encounter, and I've often wondered if she/he ended up being as happy as I have become with myself. I do have the feeling that many in that group would say they're happy that the weirdo is gone, and that bitch, Connie, too.

*I have referred to this person with both pronouns because she/he did not, at the time, know for sure which applied."
Thanks for the comment!
Finally, it needs to be said these days there are more and more avenues to find help with your feminine presentation at fairly reasonable prices, if you can get out of the closet to take advantage!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Out and About?

As Halloween rapidly approaches, it's time again for closeted cross dressers and trans women everywhere to step out of the closet and strut their stuff. Sometimes, I feel sad Halloween has lost much of it's "buzz" with me. Every year here in Cyrsti's Condo it seems, I have written about a few of my more memorable Halloween adventures. Of course the pressure was on when I knew it may be another year before I could get all dolled up and go out again. Along the way, I think I secretly hoped my friends would grow suspicious if I looked too much like a woman. As you may remember, I first came out to a few close friends after a Halloween party in Germany when I was in the Army.

Those of you who have any military experience wonder just how it happened, here is how:

First of all, I worked as a disc jockey for American Forces Radio and Television (AFRTS) which as you can probably guess was one of the more non-military jobs in the Army. Essentially, I landed my spot because I worked for my congressman on his radio station during college and seven slots opened up quite unexpectedly when a battle damaged F-4 hit the radio/tv station in Udorn Thailand.  Killing all in the station.

I put in a year and a couple days in Thailand and against impossible odds landed up with a try out for AFN in Germany. They told me they were going to send me to Stuttgart and "hoped I would improve." What it really meant, was they needed a morning DJ who could get up in the morning on a regular basis to do the show. I could.

We were housed in a school complex which included a large commissary, medical facility and other units such as signal corps. So, when these groups got together, the parties were pretty legendary. That was how I was able to find a Halloween party to dress as a woman for while I was in the Army.

However, there were several gaps in time before and after the party which I couldn't even think about Halloween, let alone dressing up.

Now I will go to the Cincinnati "Witches Ball" dressed as a gun moll of sorts because I have to.

I just don't want to be mistaken for a man in a woman's costume. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Up the Down Staircase

Last night marked the end of my week long birthday fun. I don't believe I have ever cared enough about my birthday to even think much about it. This year though, my partner Liz has "engineered" quite the fun.

Back to last night. We went to a roof top steak house over looking the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati. It rotates 360 degrees in approximately one hour.

I wore my embroidered long flowing black skirt with lace tank top and even had to break out my black leather jacket for a cool evening.

As we arrived, we naturally had to take one of the elevators up to the eighteenth floor where the restaurant was. For years, I have suffered my own personal transgender PTSD for being trapped in a relatively small box with people I don't know. For some reason I think one of them is going to whisper, isn't that a guy?

This time though, one guy proceeded to introduce his party of four to Liz and I, so I survived the short journey. As it turned out, we had to climb a short set of steps before we could get to our table. Dinner was enjoyable and the waiter called us "ladies" several times. Then the fun started.

As we approached the stairwell which went down to the elevators, there were probably at least twenty people and/or families waiting for their tables. I suffer from a small case of vertigo on steps, so I had to be very careful as I felt every eye was on me. Fortunately, I didn't stumble and every person I glanced at was just giving me an empty stare.

Finally, to cap the evening, one of my worst fears was realized...riding down in the elevator with five wet rowdy kids, trying to get back to the swimming pool. Not escorted by any adults. They were pretty much just interested in themselves, so once again everything turned out fine. It wasn't all about me.

It was another fun evening and I can't wait to do it again!

Friday, October 12, 2018

National Coming Out Day

Per norm, I am a little late, but yesterday was "National Coming Out Day" for LGBT women and men.

Also "per norm" my coming out was basically backwards. The first time I told anyone I was a "transvestite" came when I was in the Army in Germany. I had a very close knit group of three friends, one of which included my future first wife.

My disclosure came circa 1974 after a Halloween party when I came dressed as a slutty prostitute. Looking back, it's hard for me to remember how I was able to acquire the shoes, clothes, makeup and wig to even attempt to pull it off.

Seeing as how this was way before "Don't ask, don't tell" time in the military, I'm lucky I didn't get reported to the higher-ups. Maybe it did, but I only had less than six months to go before discharge and hassling me may have led to more problems than worth. Of course too, this was way before the transgender term had been invented.

At any rate, later on in life, one of the guys I came out to ended up coming on to me, the other remained a friend for years and as I said the woman involved ended up marrying me.

Ironically, outside of an ill fated attempt to come out to my Mom when I was discharged, coming out to anyone else didn't happen until I came out for good.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sink or Swim?

In a recent post we discussed a forlorn transgender woman at one of my support group meetings. Sadly, I know she is far from being alone. Gender dysphoria is cruel to say the least. The only simple thing it does is to cause you to build an un- penetrable very dark and lonely closet  to hide in.

As Connie points out, too quickly it becomes a "sink or swim" situation:

"I think I was about eight-years-old when my mother sent me to the community pool for swimming lessons. My grandfather was over for a visit when I came home, and he told me how his father had taught him to swim - "He just threw me in the lake, and I figured how not to drown."

Figuring out how not to drown and learning how to swim are not the same thing. Figuring out how to not let gender dysphoria drown you, likewise, is not the same as learning how to live with gender non-congruence. I call it "survive or thrive." I hope your friend learns how to survive long enough to find herself thriving."
Thanks for the comment!
Perhaps the saddest part of the trans woman's existence (in question) is her seeming total lack of regard for how she looks. Most of us learn early and often how much work it takes to perfect a feminine presence. At the least, a quick shave and a touch of makeup may do wonders for her. In other words, she is setting herself up for failure. 
Maybe if she keeps coming to the meetings, someone can help her with it and relieve some of her pressure. I think sometime in the near future, makeup and hair experts are returning to do free makeovers. Instead of going for the "naturals" in the group, maybe she could get some help. 
Even if someone has to tell her to shave. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Monday's Meetup

The Monday night cross dresser - transgender get together was for the most part exceedingly sad.

Why? The loneliness in the room was perceptible. Even with all the social events the group does. I would venture a guess in any given week, if a person was able, someone in the group was going out somewhere.

Even that though wasn't enough for one of the attendees. She is in her early 50's and must suffer from some sort of learning disability. I have only seen her in one dress with flip flops and short cropped hair which probably may have been blond at some point.

I give her credit though, she feels female and refuses to not go out in the world looking like she does. But, she almost caused me to tear up when she said she was tired of being abused in the world and having no friends.

It was then, several members of the group brought up social media contact and joining up with a few of the other social outings. She refused, indicating it was all over her learning capability, in so many words. I think though, by the end of the meeting, a few of the other members talked her into to trying.

I hope she discovers a new universe for herself because she is talking suicide by the end of the year.

So it's tragic.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Boy in the Mix?

In one of the latest "Ulta" beauty company commercials, they show several different people getting their make up done. In the midst of all the cis women is one boy busily applying makeup.

This got me to thinking competitor "Sephora" here in Cincinnati has a special session every now and then just for transgender women and/or cross dressers. The only other thing I know about them (the sessions) are they fill up quickly.

For more information on classes in your area go here.

Monday, October 8, 2018

More Meet-Ups

Tonight is another cross dresser - transgender support group meeting.

EJ Johnson
This is the one which has become way more interesting, due to new and returning participants. For example we had one of the members describe herself as "agender" a term I hadn't heard much since I don't go to the younger trans meetings here in the metro-Cincinnati Ohio area.

It's interesting I did hear the term used last night when I happened along a Lisa Ling special on gender neutral people. One in particular was "E.J. Johnson" who happens to be the gender fluid off spring of NBA basketball star "Magic Johnson."

All  in all, the show was a nice fascinating look into gender which included a crossdresser with a beard in a coffee shop.

The series is on CNN and here is a link to their web page.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Time Flies

It has been rare when I have missed a couple days in a row of writing a post. My excuse is I was really busy. I had a great time to be sure. It all started Friday morning when I had breakfast with my partner Liz and my daughter Andrea. All was wonderful, especially when the server kept calling us you "girls." It was music to my ears and sweetened my already sweet strawberry waffle.

Friday night was predictable. I may have drank a little too much and ended up disliking totally a overbearing cross dresser who wouldn't leave Liz alone. However, I thought I did a good job with my makeup, hair and outfit. It's not often I feel that secure in my appearance.

For some reason too, the music was at a level (for a change) I could still communicate with others.

Of course, the cliques were out and functioning. Two of the group never sit with all the others and normally the cross dresser who doesn't like transgender women on hormones, manages to create her own vacuum by being obnoxious. I think for some reason, the two who never sit with us are trying to pick up a wayward date in a dark bar.

The one thing I have to completely remember is how fortunate I am to have the support to live the trans life I do and how many of the others I see are forced to structure their life around extreme loneliness. 

As I find myself a year older, indeed I am blessed!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Time Flies

Time flies when you are having fun...or are retired (I am). It doesn't seem possible it is Thursday already.

To recap, I have a very busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow morning is a breakfast with my partner Liz, and my daughter Andrea. Liz is taking the day off. Friday night is karaoke night  Usually, someone interesting shows up and hopefully doesn't make a fool of themselves. 

Saturday was going to be a visit to a rooftop upscale restaurant along the Ohio River overlooking downtown Cincinnati. I decided to postpone it for a week so I could stretch out the good times for a little longer. Plus, there is a late afternoon football game to watch with Liz.

Sunday, rounds out the long weekend with Liz's company picnic, which is normally a very good time. I enjoy the attention I get, being the only transgender woman in attendance. Plus, the boss is an out lesbian, so the LGBTQ community is represented.

The weather is looking to be nice, my outfits are set, I'm ready to go! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Halloween Hooters

I received a couple of comments here in Cyrsti's Condo regarding my "Loose Ends" post and one in particular involving the picture of the "Hooter's Girls". If you have never been to a "Hooters", it's essentially a wings and beer sports bar where the servers all dress in the "uniforms" you saw. I think I did read though, the chain now accepts male servers. No word if they have to have their own hooters!

Here are the comments. The first from Connie:

  1. "Where did you find that old pic of me and my friend?

    My wife asked me what I wanted to be on Halloween night. I answered, "Asleep."

    Your friend sent it to me!
  2. "You can always get a Browns jersey and a pair of short shorts"
  3. Michelle, a good idea...just the wrong team! :)
  4. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to comment!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Loose Ends?

Since we have been enjoying a small amount of  football talk around here in Cyrsti's Condo, lets not forget the cheerleaders!

If you played football like I did, maybe you too yearned for the day you could be a cheerleader (female one). Maybe in time for Halloween, you can be one also. Here's a tip from Connie:

"I think I've seen plus-size cheerleader outfits on the Pink Basis site. Raw Raw, Shish Boom Bah! :-)"

Or, you could make your own with your team colors, a short flaired skirt and tight t-shirt.
And, if you are more adventurous (and can pull it off) you could try being a "Hooter's Girl" Unless, times have changed though, it is difficult to find larger sizes for transgender women such as me. 
"Hooter's Girls"
 With Halloween coming up this month, it's time to get creative! It's also a good time to sneak out of the closet for a bit and test the air! 

Monday, October 1, 2018


With the week I already mentioned coming up, I have already dedicated myself to my voice homework during the week. Hopefully, I can show some real changes by the weekend. One good thing is my lingering cough/cold is seemingly going away. However, it has teased me before. I don't think watching two incredibly exciting (and winning) football games this weekend was doing me any good. Just maybe though, learning how to cheer like a girl would be the proper thing to do.

I am spoiled, both of my teams are a combined nine and one, wins to losses, so far this season. There...I just jinxed myself!

On the bright side (literally) next weekend is shaping up to be a warm one, so maybe I can get away with wearing one of my maxi dresses one more time and maybe even my favorite cream and black lacy tank top. It may work well with my distressed jeans or new black leggings for Liz's company picnic on Sunday.

As I wrote before, I have a breakfast with my daughter and Liz to consider and karaoke night on Friday and an upscale birthday dinner Saturday night.

I love it!