Monday, October 22, 2018


Coming up tonight is another cross dresser - transgender support group meeting...with it's usual implications.

Several of the real negative types quit attending, including the one who was diagnosed with having an underdeveloped uterus and/or ovaries. She has rightfully declared herself as inter-sexed and I guess has developed  a perch to look down upon the rest of us. It's kind of sad, since I enjoyed hearing of her journey. She was just so negative.

Also the conservative rump supporters have quit coming , even though the moderators steer the conversation away from politics,  There are a few of the fetish satin types still around, as well as the steampunk trans woman.

We will also see if the desperately lonely suicidal transgender woman shows up tonight. The other suicide person just got a job (as herself) and seems to be sorting her life out, so all is better with her.

The group also used to have a few other trans vets too, but one moved to Oregon, one I haven't seen and the other is the negative inter-sexed person I wrote about earlier in the post.

So, all in all, it's a very interesting group.

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