Sunday, October 21, 2018

Did Anyone See?

What I mean is the truck I got hit by yesterday. It was a long day. We started decorating for the witches ball about noon and we finished up the day around 3 am. I have decided to "retire" from working it next year, for several reasons not important to get into now.

The event itself was great fun and it brought back memories of past Halloween parties. I seemed to pass the litmus test of looking like a woman in a costume. Ironically, there was another trans woman I know (but see couldn't remember me) who set up a vendors table next to the table I was "manning". She used my excuse of short term memory loss. There was a possibility of another cross dresser - transgender woman there too. My partner Liz and I agreed "she" possibly suffered from testosterone poisoning at some point during life.

Of more importance, my costume actually fit and I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it except for when we came home and had to walk a block with a chilly wind on my legs and making the drive home in an unheated car.

Finally, I think since I felt good concerning my appearance, I felt good about my voice too. My cold has taken a brief respite, so I wasn't horse. I made an effort to throw my voice forward and not talk from the back of my throat.  Plus, I mostly talked in short sentences, so I didn't have a chance to strain it.

There are a couple pictures floating around. If I can get one, I will pass it along!

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