Tuesday, October 23, 2018

This Says it All

If you don't know, I'm responding to the rump administration's effort to erase transgender women and men everywhere.

I've come too far to go back.

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  1. Men who insist on using genitalia as the primary proof of their existence can't use their brains for thinking; no need to, cuz they already have their own proof to show what they really think with.

    As I commented on Rhonda's Escape, they can take my heels from me when they pry them off of my cold, dead feet. They can try to redefine what they think I am, but they can never define who I am - only I can do that, myself.

    Yes, we've come too far to go back, but I do have a great concern for those trans people who are still struggling with their gender identities, or worse, those young people who are just beginning to realize it in themselves. No matter how far I've come, I will never forget how difficult it was to get here. I thank God for all that has happened, externally as well as internally, allowing me to get this far. I pray for those who may be as confused and distraught as I once was, and that they will find the strength and hope to realize who they are - despite the nay-sayers and their bad public policies (and their bad science and false religious beliefs that they use to justify those policies).

    I have signed-in with indelible ink. I can't be erased, and I will continue to write my own story with that same ink.