Monday's Meetup

The Monday night cross dresser - transgender get together was for the most part exceedingly sad.

Why? The loneliness in the room was perceptible. Even with all the social events the group does. I would venture a guess in any given week, if a person was able, someone in the group was going out somewhere.

Even that though wasn't enough for one of the attendees. She is in her early 50's and must suffer from some sort of learning disability. I have only seen her in one dress with flip flops and short cropped hair which probably may have been blond at some point.

I give her credit though, she feels female and refuses to not go out in the world looking like she does. But, she almost caused me to tear up when she said she was tired of being abused in the world and having no friends.

It was then, several members of the group brought up social media contact and joining up with a few of the other social outings. She refused, indicating it was all over her learning capability, in so many words. I think though, by the end of the meeting, a few of the other members talked her into to trying.

I hope she discovers a new universe for herself because she is talking suicide by the end of the year.

So it's tragic.