Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Two Girls in the Hall

Yesterday was therapy day and a three hour round trip to see the same therapist I have had for the past five plus years.

The session went pretty much as planned. I discussed with her the Witches Ball and my plans to cancel my voice therapy lessons. I think I have taken them about as far as I can for the time being, plus I really can't afford to keep driving the extra distance to do them. If I keep on working on my pitch and smoothing out my voice, I don't seem to have any problems anyhow. So, my next session will be my last and I will take Thank You cards for both of my therapists.

The only matter of note yesterday came when I was walking down the hallway with my therapist after my visit. It is a long hallway and as we walked together, I noticed a man at the reception desk paying us quite a bit of attention. My therapist is a relatively attractive woman, so I just figured he was admiring her but as it turned out, he was admiring both of us.

I was so confused I screwed up my making another appointment routine!

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  1. I'm only kidding here, but was that guy at the desk making an appointment for the ophthalmologist? I have been confused by the behaviors of men at times. Like that one (I've spoken of before) who followed me around Walgreen's one night. I was not looking my best, after a long day, and he leered at me so much that he should have concluded I was trans. He was young enough that he could have been my son, and I pretty much brushed him off like a mom would when he finally approached me. I think that when a man starts thinking with his penis, anything is possible, including trans blindness. Anyway, we should all be aware of what we are signing up for when we decide to transition. ;-)