I am Just Dense

I don't know why I always revert back to a narcissistic outlook when I think about my public feminine perception. I suppose it goes back to all of my cross dresser days, when I was trying so hard to learn a feminine lifestyle.

After-all,  the face I see in the mirror every morning is basically the same, except for a few more wrinkles. The big changes are way behind me now under the influences of HRT. Over the years, it has really smoothed out my skin and decreased the angular look of my face. However, it has not decreased my beard growth. My age has given me a gray beard though, so it is easier to cover.

The only thing which changes is the amount of confidence I carry myself with. Now I am not so afraid to "lead" with my voice, instead of hoping my appearance would get me by. I mean, I am trying to speak to the other person first for a change.

My point is, I don't know why it has taken me so long on this transgender path to learn your attitude/confidence just could be one of your most important accessories. Every time it is pounded into my head, I seem to lose it.

Maybe this time, I won't.

FYI, Connie, the guy I mentioned in the last post may have had eye problems, but he wasn't waiting in line for an eye appointment! :) It's in another building.