Friday Night Lights

Tonight is the monthly karaoke night out for our cross dresser - transgender support group. These social night outs probably actually provide more support for novice members as the relatively boring sit down meetings. The reason is the social provides a safe space for a new person to pursue her feminine self. Also the monthly Friday night event is not held in a gay venue. It is interesting to note though how many of the participants get a little more edgy as the venue fills up the later it gets. I can understand where they are coming from.

I have a new dress to wear tonight. It's a relatively form fitting long green sleeved maxi dress. I just hope I didn't ruin what form I had with eating too much Halloween candy! I like the sensual feeling of my skin (no bra) so Liz gave me one of her lace vests to just give a sneak peek of the girls without being too trashy and maybe even cover up my "candy pouch." (belly)

One way or another, I expect to have a good time. For those of you who wonder if I sing, no I don't. That way, I can marvel at the great singers and maybe the bad ones too!