Saturday, November 3, 2018

Friday Night Lights...Continued

Well, not much exciting happened during our monthly outing to the venue which hosts karaoke. We had a nice supper and for once were early enough to sit with a couple we have been wanting to meet but never had a chance to. It turns out the husband identifies as a cross dresser, not transgender and is a working mechanic. He relies upon stick on nails to transform his nails for a night out. He looks good!

Other than that, many of the usual suspects were not there, including the obnoxious one who just loves my partner Liz. Can't say I missed her, another cross dresser. Every month, she seems to find something wrong to bitch about. One problem is the venue is a Mexican restaurant and she professes not to like Mexican food. So, I asked the obvious question, to my myself, why did she come at all?  Regardless of her personality, she must be very lonely. I did miss the question Liz always gets concerning when they were going Salsa dancing. If it ever happened, the place would have to have a great bar to keep my interest. While I appreciate the Salsa art form, unfortunately, I don't have the coordination to try.

As far as appearance went, it was one of those nights I wasn't really pleased with how I looked. Can't tell you why except my spectrum of how I think I look has started to swing back the other way. Oh well.

As far as the rest of the weekend goes, I hope you all have a great one!


  1. Welcome to Womanhood! Most women go through those periods (I'm not referring to THOSE periods) of being unhappy in the appearance department. At least you had a new dress to wear last night!

    Having lived on the other side of the gender spectrum for so many years, especially those as a husband, we should be aware of the importance of a woman needing confirmation of her looks from time to time. While I used to make the effort to give praise to my wife on her appearance often (though really not often enough), I do not get the same effort toward me and my appearance from her now. It can be tough, at times, to keep my confidence level up.

    Some may get all they need from press-on nails, and some of us need to just keep pressing on (hoping to, every now and then, nail it). ;-)

  2. Or, sometimes we can only hope to squeak by, like The OSU just did over Nebraska. :-)

    1. A win us a win! Even an ugly one:) I think Urban is done this year.