Sunday, November 4, 2018

So Simple

Or, should I say, "Keep it simple stupid." Today when we made our weekly trip to run errands and stop at the grocery store, I basically just threw on a pair of leggings with a lightweight sweater/blouse. I completed my outfit with a quick cover of foundation, a little eye makeup and lipstick. I them brushed out my hair and was ready to go. I didn't feel particularly good or bad about the way I looked...just, I was set to blend in with most of the other cis-women I would encounter. As it turned out, I was right. Liz and I were called ladies twice and I was able to carry on quite a little conversation with our bagger at the grocery store.

The only reaction I received out of the ordinary was when I came around a corner at the grocery store and almost ran into a wide eyed teen aged boy looking straight at me. Who knows what the heck he thought?

Even still, positive feedback is always nice. As Connie said:

"Welcome to Womanhood! Most women go through those periods (I'm not referring to THOSE periods) of being unhappy in the appearance department. At least you had a new dress to wear last night!

Having lived on the other side of the gender spectrum for so many years, especially those as a husband, we should be aware of the importance of a woman needing confirmation of her looks from time to time. While I used to make the effort to give praise to my wife on her appearance often (though really not often enough), I do not get the same effort toward me and my appearance from her now. It can be tough, at times, to keep my confidence level up.

Some may get all they need from press-on nails, and some of us need to just keep pressing on (hoping to, every now and then, nail it). ;-)"
It's been a long time since anyone said "welcome to womanhood! Thanks!


  1. Let's face it, we're not spring chickens anymore. There's no way we'd impress a teenage boy, and whatever he might be thinking would be with a belief that he knows everything (there's no substitute for experience like a teenager;-).

    Just tryin' to give you some encouragement, dear!

  2. I didn't labor under the impression he found me attractive. He did however maybe have thoughts about what he might do to a woman of my size :)

  3. It's been a few years since a man "sized me up." The last time a man made a derogatory remark to me, though, I was quite pleased with myself for quipping back: I've been twice the man you'll ever be, and twice the woman you could ever handle. It was so fun that I almost wish I could have the chance to say it again...almost, but thankful I haven't had the chance.