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All to often it seems I am sending out my sympathies to a certain part of the country. This time of course, it's Pittsburgh and the Jewish community as a whole. The whole situation brings trepidation to my heart since my daughter converted to Judaism, and is raising her children in the Jewish faith. As we know today, crazies are everywhere. Here, even in middle America Midwest, we recently had a mass shooting as you may recall in downtown Cincinnati. With all the recent pipe bomb threats, it seems our country can't experience anymore pain but it does. Plus, who knows what it going to happen along the Mexican border? And I thought 1968 was a scary time! Also, just being transgender doesn't seem too bad, even with resident rump trying to erase us.

The Power of One Three Letter Word

Not long ago I became embroiled in a sports conversation with two genetic female friends. I happen to believe some of us are genetically predispositioned to dislike certain opposing sports teams as much as we are to be transgender. (Well, not really but it sounds good!) In this case both of them are Pittsburgh Steelers   fans and if you must know I have felt the pain and abuse of rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals since they were founded in the 1960's. Of course (as I would have done to them) they were blasting me the same way the Steelers have blasted the Bengals over the years. The problem? None, because they had to have used the "she" word in reference to my poor choice of teams at least 4 or 5 times in five minutes. "She" doesn't know football, "she" is the only Bengals fan left etc...(hey, I live an hour from "Cinci"...can't fool me. I know there are a couple more of us out there!) Of course I knew it was in good fun and no