Friday, October 26, 2018

A Corona?

Connie obviously has very good eyes (for her age) and caught the fact I was drinking a Corona in the Witches Ball pictures:

"I can buy the menswear inspired costume, but what's with the Mexican beer? I thought you were more of a beer connoisseur than that. Besides, a craft beer seems more appropriate at a witches' ball. :-)"
Even though Cincinnati has a rapidly expanding craft beer scene which I support totally, the venue we were in didn't offer a selection. 
As far as the costume went, I didn't have to buy it either, as Liz already had it!


  1. I still have a good enough cornea for Corona! It won't be long before I will have to get cataracts removed, though, cuz I'm sooooooo old.8-)

    Corona is not nearly as popular in Mexico as it is in the US, BTW.They serve it to the tourists, but usually drink other brands themselves. Any of them work as a chaser for tequila shots, though.=)

  2. I too am approaching the cataract list!
    As far as Corona goes, I normally drink Pacifico in Mexican Restaurants. I always choose Corona over brands like Bud, Millers and Coors.