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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Deepest Cut of All

How many of us haven't suffered through the "that's a man!" slur? In fact, I rank it up there with the "earning the right to be a woman" process. 

As transgender women or cross dressers in world, we are experts in how out and out rude people can be - and not just with us. If you have ever seen the show "My Giant Life", the show features several women- all over 6'6" tall. The camera's follow them around and document all the rude peeps going nuts staring, whispering and even asking for selfies.

My latest "skirmish" came a couple weeks ago at a local movie theater when a couple pre teen boys looked at me around a corner and ran away laughing. I couldn't blame them as much as their parents.

Then, I read this story from Scotland:  A trans woman was left in tears after visiting a branch of "Specsavers" when a group of workers began laughing at her. Jess, on the left above began her full time transition nearly 10 months was with her wife, who called them on it.

The good ending to this ugly experience came when Jess posted her experience with the company to Twitter and got an apology and a pledge to diversify and sensitize it's employee's.

I will always wonder though how people can be so damn rude-and oh yes-here is your link.

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