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Cyrsti's Condo "Drag Star?"

Jared Leto in drag. (Love the belt!)

"T'd" Me Off

An article from the Huffington Post recently had me thinking about a recent experience with a guy using the gender slur Tranny with me.   For reasons he would not admit to, a guy showed up in one of my "Google+" Transgender groups. Of course I couldn't let it alone since the original post was referring to the well worn subject of why transgender women carry the stigma of being promiscuous.  Of course he didn't believe in any of that but  he and his wife have been looking for a "tranny slave" or two for their domination "fun" group. Not only are all of all "easy" we just love to be dominated! Let me point out I could care less about anyone's sexual preference or fetish, it doesn't matter to me what most do as long as I'm not hurt...Within legal reason of course. He kept accusing me of that when my main point was his use of the "T" gender slur. Couldn't get him to understand the process was the same as using the

Jared Leto Makes a Woman?

The God like Jared Leto Headline from The Rolling Stone : " Jared Leto makes a beautiful woman." Will there now be a backlash from the immoral right? Really?  Jared Leto has made a woman?  Will the Catholics make him a saint?  After all, can't only God make a person? Looking way back in my past, I had the same power.  More than once someone would say I made a great looking woman.  Where was she? Did I make that hot redhead down the sidewalk? Where was my spot in the Bible? Of course I just didn't think I belonged up there with the grand creator.  Not only that, I found plenty of those who couldn't spell what I was. I became a gurl or a grrl and even a tranny. I am happy to say most of all of this is fading quickly. Needless to say, I didn't make anyone  and I now I promptly reject any and all shemale gender slurs directed at me. I do wonder however how Jared Leto feels about his new found creation powers?

Matt's Cute Pink Robe

Many of us know how wonderfully nice and feminine it is to have a soft snugly robe to cuddle in on a cool evening. It turns out movie stars Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leo felt the same way in their "Dallas Buyer's Club " movie. The "Pink Robe" story turned out to be rather complex as both men wore the robe in the movie and it actually belongs to McConauhey's wife.( He later admitted to wearing it at home.) By the way, the movie hasn't really opened yet but Leto is getting great reviews for his portrayal of the flamboyant "Rayon" character. According to McConaughey: Jared Leto (left) and McConauhey “Leto came in after three or four years of not working. An actor could go I really need to make this count. He didn’t. It’s a very subtle and human performance. Rayon is in good hands. He cut out all the extra lagniappe, the etcetera. He kept Rayon real.” I wonder if McConauhey's wife got her robe back?

You Can Never Go Home

Once you dress in women's clothes, often it's difficult to close the closet door...especially for Jared Leto. Leto who played a transvestite in the upcoming Dallas Buyers Club, is featured in drag again on the cover of transversal style magazine Candy .

Walk a Mile in her Shoes

Or at least a short distance as Jared Leto recently did. Jared is one of Hollywood's hottest heartthrobs and   was completely transformed as he stepped out on set dressed as a woman for his role in the Dallas Buyers Club. The 30 Seconds to Mars singer looked in pensive mood as he strolled down the pavement with his co-star Jennifer Garner in New Orleans on Monday. I'm not so sure "pensive" is the right term to use. If indeed this Jared's first time out in "heels and hose", he is somewhere between nervous and terror stricken! He plays a HIV positive transgender woman.