Matt's Cute Pink Robe

Many of us know how wonderfully nice and feminine it is to have a soft snugly robe to cuddle in on a cool evening. It turns out movie stars Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leo felt the same way in their "Dallas Buyer's Club" movie. The "Pink Robe" story turned out to be rather complex as both men wore the robe in the movie and it actually belongs to McConauhey's wife.( He later admitted to wearing it at home.)

By the way, the movie hasn't really opened yet but Leto is getting great reviews for his portrayal of the flamboyant "Rayon" character. According to McConaughey:
Jared Leto (left) and McConauhey

“Leto came in after three or four years of not working. An actor could go I really need to make this count. He didn’t. It’s a very subtle and human performance. Rayon is in good hands. He cut out all the extra lagniappe, the etcetera. He kept Rayon real.”

I wonder if McConauhey's wife got her robe back?