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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Gossip Central

Last night,  the cross dresser - transgender karaoke social was mainly a cross dresser dominated affair. Since for once I could hear what was going on around the table, I learned several surprises.

The first of which was one the most surprising was the fact one of the most natural feminine persons at the table still worked as a guy and lived a male existence. I wish I had a picture but you are just going to have to use your imagination.

Adrian Cronauer
Another surprise was another attendee was a transgender veteran. It became interesting how much else we didn't  have in common. She is a "Desert Storm" era marine sniper and I'm an ex American Forces Radio and Television Vietnam Era vet. Yes, I narrowly missed being in Southeast Asia with the late Adrian Cronauer
who Robin Williams portrayed in "Good Morning Vietnam."   She said she didn't see any combat and barely fired her weapon and didn't live in the barracks. I said I didn't even see a M-16 weapon the last two and half years I was in. Out of three.

By not living in the barracks, she meant she lived in a tent. When I said I never lived in a barracks (except basic training), I meant I was paid off for off base housing in Thailand and with my Women's Army Corps girlfriend in Germany. I did even miss out when the pesky Viet Cong mortared the air base I was working at in Thailand.

Robin Williams
Finally, still on the subject of transgender veterans, one of the group members (also a vet) who moved became the topic of discussion. She was the member who claimed at one point in time she had all the signs of pregnancy, even to the point of being intersexed. It turns out the whole story might have been just that...a story. Since she now lives in Minnesota, not Ohio, she couldn't speak for herself.

But hey, the group was proving they could gossip with the best of them.

Of course, my least favorite person of all was there. He/she was still talking the same line of trash trying to make in roads with my partner Liz or even Aggie, the very presentable cross dresser I mentioned earlier. Last night I was fortunate I could set down the table farther and ignore most of the trash.

At least it kept it interesting. 

Friday, August 31, 2018


A couple of you observant readers mentioned how relaxed I looked in the recent picture I posted from Club Diversity. First of all, I thought it was probably the alcohol, or the fact I was surprised Liz was taking the picture so close to me. I just didn't have time or the inclination to tighten up.

What it could have been though was the venue. Whenever we go there, the whole place is just so inclusive and covers the whole LGBTQ spectrum.  So, anything from restrooms to ordering is pleasant. I am accepted for being transgender, no less. In fact, I don't even feel trans there.

Also, for you who asked, the dress I was wearing was my empire waist maxi dress. The part you didn't see is the same green color with a black pattern mixed in. It is undoubtedly my most comfortable outfit and the most sensual.

It makes me wonder what took me so long to get here! Thanks for all the questions and comments on my good health! Without it I am nothing. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

For the Trans Kids

As promised, I went to the downtown Cincinnati rally Thursday night protesting the 45's administration handling of the school transgender restroom ban.

Even though the weather was chilly and blustery, a nice turnout showed up for the rally. One of the city commissioners attended as well as four or five other speakers from LGBT organizations around the metro area. For most in my mind was the representative from the Cincinnati Public School Board. She made a strong point of telling the crowd the school board was going to enact it's own inclusive transgender rest room legislation.
Photo: Raya Schweitzer

I just wish more trans kids could be pulled back from under the bus they recently were tossed under-without a say.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If I was Transgender

Well I am of course!
I'm always surprised on how I approach the subject with myself and others.

Truthfully, I started to say I really don't think about the subject much but that's not true. I think while I'm mentally the same person that person is female. So I don't think about that. Purists would argue though how I can ever think I am female, transgender or not.  Essentially , if I think therefore I am.  It matters not what anyone else thinks. Right? So, I don't really think quite a bit about being internally transgender but  do planning  to make my external trans life easier. I keep close track of hormonal body changes, how long my hair is and even how much hair is left in my brush. I've fairly well adjusted to grooming routines which include extra cleansing, softening and moisturizing.

I can't say I have totally adjusted to being essentially an androgynous person if I'm not made up at all. It's still a shock to see what was left of my male self has essentially disappeared.
Ironically, this transgender lifestyle has caused me to be a long term planner for the first time in my life. I have  to think ahead to doctor's appointments, hormones and more. Is hair removal or facial surgery in my future? How about the possibility of living stealth?

If I was transgender and it was a quiet 3 AM, it was all so real!