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Around the World We Go!

Transgender, transsexual news and more from Cyrsti's Condo: Vietnam: Quynh Tram is one of few people who have ID cards re-granted after sex reassignment surgery. This is actually a series of posts from trans news in Vietnam. Go here for more. From Italy: "Paola Conte (shown at right) is a married transsexual and is a foster mother to a young daughter. She also has a distinguished career. She is speaking up against the stereotypes of transsexual women only as prostitutes and more here . From the UK (of course!) "A transgender woman has been expelled from her social club after an incident in the ladies loo. Hinoi Tonkin, who used to be 21-stone Keith but has slimmed down to nine stone, was already under suspension at the club. But she was formally thrown out after a meeting of the committee last week at Beechwood, Easterside and District Social Club in Middlesbrough." Go here for more. I'm tired of all the traveling! Plus I'm sure there